Create Coinbase account

When you plan to invest in crypto, the very first thing you struggle with is selecting one of the many crypto exchanges. But, why think any further when you can buy and sell crypto on the safest platform. Yes, we are talking about Coinbase. It is yet the biggest place where you can trade with more than 50 types of digital assets, stocks, cryptocurrency, etc. Therefore, if you want to know how to create Coinbase account without failing in any step, then you can use this article whenever you need to.

Things you’ll need to sign up

For registering on Coinbase, please ensure that you complete the following requirements:

  • Your age should be 18 years or more

  • Please be ready with your photo ID proof (passports are not accepted)

  • A device with internet connectivity

  • To sign up via your mobile phone, you’ll need the Coinbase app

  • After ensuring that you have all these details ready with you, let us find out how to create Coinbase account.

Signing up on Coinbase

  • Open this website -

  • Hit the “Get Started” button

  • Complete the electronic sign-up form with your personal details

  • Create a password and sidewise agree to the license agreement & Privacy Policy

  • Click the “Create account/ SIGN UP” button

  • Verify your email address and phone number

  • Add some more personal info and your SSN details

  • Complete the ID verification by signing in to your account

Blog-post summary:

After you’ve signed up for your account and learned how to create Coinbase account, you can go ahead with adding up a payment method or linking a debit/credit card with it. This will help you in making purchases from your newly created Coinbase account. With these login details, you can also access Coinbase Pro features.