coinbase login

If you have found a better alternative to Coinbase or you are no longer interested in investing in cryptocurrency then you can think of closing or deleting your Coinbase. But, due to a lack of knowledge, most of us do not know how to delete Coinbase account. Before you delete your account on Coinbase, please be assured that there are no cryptocurrencies stored on it and there is no chargeback on you. If you have a balance in your Coinbase account, you can either send it to someone or transfer them to a personal external wallet.

Although, deleting a Coinbase account is not recommended, however, if you still wish to do that, then you should know the exact procedure of how to delete Coinbase account.

Important note- If you are using Coinbase Pro with your Coinbase profile and you wish to continue using Coinbase Pro login then you should not think of deleting your account. If you are sure that you do not wish to use Coinbase Pro either, then only this action should be taken.

Coinbase account deletion steps

  • In the beginning, open an internet browser

  • Open the Coinbase login page or tap-open the Coinbase app

  • Log in to your Coinbase account

  • Go to the Activity tab

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page

  • Click the Close Account button

  • That's all folks!


If you have thought of investing through any other exchange instead of Coinbase, then you should be ready with the alternative. You may need to carry out research before you make a selection and choose a trusted platform to make the best use of the additional money you have. By now, you must have learned how to delete Coinbase account in a clear and straightforward manner.