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Finding out your crypto wallet address holds so much importance as it helps receive assets from other crypto holders. When you reach a platform such as Coinbase, where you are going to find your wallet address, then you are advised to cross-check it multiple times. Doing this helps you a lot as you do not want the cryptos that are meant for you to go into someone else’s wallet. Hence, it is a must that you are aware of the answer to where is my crypto wallet address question.

This task would be fruitful to you only if you complete the steps with care and patience.

Ways to find the crypto wallet address

Web browser

  • Open the internet explorer and sign in to your Coinbase account

  • Go to the option where “Crypto addresses” is labeled

  • Click Add under the Asset tab

  • You will get the QR Code which you can share with others

  • And that serves as your wallet address

Mobile app

  • Tap to open the Coinbase app and log in to it

  • Tap on the Send or Receive icon at the bottom

  • Select the Receive option

  • Choose one of the assets from the list

  • You will see a QR code under which your wallet address will be displayed

  • Click the Copy option or share it with others


Watching out for your crypto wallet address requires you to go through the method to receive crypto in your Coinbase account or you can find it by going to the crypto addresses tab of your account. This write-up has explained both these methods individually. Hence, check out these methods one by one. The crypto wallet address is generated only during the process when you start the process to receive crypto in your account.